Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Work party Wednesday Nov 5 9am to noon. Final of the season

Our final trail work party for the season will be this Wednesday Nov 5. Last week we got a good start on filling the gravel barrels for winter use, and this week we will finish off the job. There are several barrels along the south side of the river trail that require replenishment and this will require a fairly long carry of buckets of salted gravel.

We will meet at 9am at the YRB yard just near the south end of the golf course where will fill buckets. For tools, a spade and sturdy buckets if you have them.

We were able to get a lot accomplished over this work party season, and I would like to extend my THANK YOU to all volunteers who have been able to lend a hand in keeping our lovely Kaslo trails in great condition.

As a final note, the steel girders for the 5th Street Unity bridge are now complete, and they are ready for delivery to Kaslo. We have also purchased the wood timbers for for the treads, side walls, and roof structure. Depending on their delivery date, and the weather, we may hold some "timber staining work bees" to get them coated with stain. We are going to use the same colour stain at the first bridge. I will keep you posted if we move forward with that process.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Work party Wednesday Oct 29 9am to noon

Two items on our work party list for this week. We have one concrete bench to erect along the lakeside trail near the Kaslo Logger Sports area, and we need to start filling the winter gravel barrels along the river trail (this job will take a couple of work parties).

We will meet at the bench site located between the Logger Sports and the Skate Park to organize who will do what. For tools, a spade and sturdy buckets to tote gravel if you have them.

Monday, October 20, 2014

No work party this week

There will be no work party this week.

We still need to fill up the trail barrels with salted gravel for the winter, so that will be scheduled in the next short while.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Work party Wednesday Oct 15 9am to noon

Weather permitting, our work party this week will be to brush a section of the K&S Kaslo to Sandon wagon trail from Retallack to Fish Lake. For tools, snippers, limb saw, power brush saw and polaskis will be sufficient. A brush saw and polaskis, and possibly a limb saw will be provided.

Lets meet at the Kaslo Community Garden, junction of A Ave and Washington St, and we will car pool from there.

Given the weather forecast, an email will be sent out and posted here on the blog on Wednesday morning to proceed with the work party or to postpone.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Work party Wednesday Oct 8 9am to noon

Our work party this week will be to construct a sponsored concrete bench located near the Cenotaph, and to pour concrete for another bench along Water Street.

No special tools are required. We will meet at the Cenotaph.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Work party change of plan

YRB has suggested that we wait until they have newer salted sand in their yard (apparently the pile there now is quite old). Instead of filling the trail barrels, we will work on concrete blocks and bench pads.

We will meet at the corner of 3rd Street and D Ave….where a new house is being built…..same time. All tools provided.

Update:  Thanks to the donation of leftover concrete from the pour for the new house, we were able to form a concrete pad for a bench and 20 new blocks for a retaining wall between the New Denver Hwy pullout and the Trailblazers Bridge.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Work party 9am to noon, Wednesday Oct 1, 2014

Our work party this week will be to fill the salted gravel barrels along the river trail in preparation for the winter.

We will meet at the YRB yard at the south end of the Kaslo golf course, where we will fill buckets, then we will distribute the material into the barrels along both sides of the river trail. For tools, a spade, and if you have any good plastic buckets with sturdy handles, please bring them along.

Fwd: October 18th Kootenay Lake Summit - Registration Now Open!!

For your information:
From: Claire de la Salle <info@friendsofkootenaylake.ca> 
Subject: October 18th Kootenay Lake Summit - Registration Now Open!!
Date: September 29, 2014 at 4:43:29 PM PDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Hello there,

Click image to view
We are pleased to announce that registration for the Kootenay Lake Summit is now open!  If you would be interested in volunteering at the event please let us know as we are looking for a few people to help out.  Also, if you are a business or organization who would like an exhibit table (no sales allowed at the event) please contact us to book a space.

When: Saturday October 18th 9:30am-3:30pm
Where: 403 5 St, Kaslo, BC (Royal Canadian Legion – Branch No 74)
The event is free but space is limited so register today by calling 250-777-2955 or online at friendsofkootenaylake.ca (under events tab) 

The 2nd Annual Lake Summit will bring together people who live near Kootenay Lake to inspire and educate. There will be presentations, breakout sessions, live music, and free lunch.  The Kootenay Lake Summit will engage community members to identify main challenges for the lake and potential solutions to these problems.  Themes will include fisheries, First Nations history, shoreline restoration techniques, and lake level management.  The event will encourage a broader and deeper understanding of the lake's ecosystem and build cooperative relationships among Kootenay Lake communities. 

We are encouraging people to carpool.  Please go to Kootenay Rideshare if you are willing to give a ride or need a ride to the event:

A special thanks to our Funders Columbia Basin Trust, Real Estate Foundation of BC, Small Change Fund, and Regional District of Central Kootenay for making this event possible!

Take care,
Claire de la Salle, BSc
Program Manager- Friends of Kootenay Lake
P: (250)777-2955
E: info@friendsofkootenaylake.ca

Monday, September 22, 2014

Work party Wednesday Sept 24 9am-noon

Our work party this week will be to put together one of the sponsored concrete benches. The job is to bolt the various concrete sections together and then anchor it into an already in place concrete pad.

We will meet at the Kaslo Skatepark and then go to the location. No special tools required.

KDCFS Forest Tours on Saturday, Sept 27

For your information.
From: Erika Bird <erikabird11@hotmail.com>
Subject: FW: posters for tours
Date: September 22, 2014 at 10:50:38 AM PDT

KDCFS Forest Walking Tours
(click to enlarge)
We live in an area that is dependent on our forests. Have you ever wondered what it's like to work "in the bush"? What is going on in those cutblocks? Sometimes we see the huge forestry machinery on flatbed trailers driving by on the highway – they look intimidating – massive and complicated. But it's our neighbours who operate them. It's a living, and has been for generations for many families in our area. 
In recognition of National Forest Week (September 21 – 27) the board of the Kaslo & District Community Forest Society would like to invite you on a tour of our forests – from the mosses and fungi on the forest floor - to logging and trucking - to the art and science of tending to the new growth on the cutovers. Two tours are scheduled and there is no charge to go. 
Peter McAllistair, a woodlot owner and mushroom expert, will be your Kaslo river trail guide. Learn about forest ecology – how to identify tree species and their uses, mushrooms and other plants on the forest floor. Sabrina Mutterer, the community Forest's silviculture manager, will explain forest and woodlot stewardship. At cut block #34 up Kemp Creek, watch (from a safe distance!) as Settle Holdings demonstrate the harvesting equipment. Stan Baker will be your guide to how the timber on the slopes gets to the mill, eventually becoming the house you live in. 
This is a rare chance to see the forest, and forestry operations in our area. Please pre-register if you can for either the 10:30 am tour or the 11:30 am tour by calling Erika at 250-353-7492 or you can stop by Kaslo Automotive and tell Steve. Drop-ins at the beet-coloured bridge are okay too. A snack and transportation to the block and later, back to your cars or the trailhead, will be provided. Tours should take about two hours.