Thursday, November 1, 2018

New Logo for KORTS

Our thanks to Dan Trobak for designing the the new  KORTS Logo

Nordic Workparty

This coming Sunday a work party is planned from 9am to 4pm…..not for kids, and not for dogs.

Slashing/brushing/limbing/chipping/….to widen the west end of the Nordic ski trail to prepare for a dozer to widen the Wagon Road Trail to  the west of where the Kaslo Community Forest finished their logging harvest this summer. There will be a lot of equipment working: chainsaws, brush saws, chipper, track-hoe, vehicles moving back and forth along the Wagon Road trail. We currently have 4 chainsaw operators confirmed and so if you are a good chainsaw operator we could use your help (Personal Protective Equipment is a must).

For equipment, you must have a hard hat, ear protectors, gloves.

Meeting location: West end of the Nordic Ski Trail area where the prayer flags are…..Mt Buchanan and 7 Mile FSR junction.

Directions: from Kaslo, travel toward New Denver on Hwy 31A, then turn off the highway on the Mt Buchanan Lookout access road. Follow the Mt Buchanan lookout signs for ~3km. Where the Mt Buchanan Lookout signs turn left, follow the road to the right to the 7Mile FSR five way junction.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ground nesting wasps along river trail

We have had reports of several walkers and dogs being stung by ground nesting wasps, along the Kaslo River Trail South, especially in the area between the Outhouse and Lucille Bussey's bench alongside the Kaslo River….please be cautious. We will take appropriate actions as we can.

Please let us know of any specific location and actions that you may have taken.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Kaslo River trail Video

Many Thanks to John Mercy for creating this you tube video of the Kaslo River trail

John Mercy []

Kaslo River Trail Video

New email address and work party July 11

Please note that we are changing our email address from the Kaslo Trailblazers Society
to the Kaslo Outdoor Recreation and Trails Society (KORTS)

Please make this change in your contacts list for receiving emails so that emails to you from this new address do not "bounce" or end up in your Junk mail……Thanks.

Work party…..our next work party will be on July 11 from 9-11am. Our focus will be brushing the upper section of the Lettrari Loop alongside the airstrip. For tools, a sturdy leaf rake would be useful, and wear gloves. We will have 2 power brush saws working… from each end of this section of trail. We will meet at the parking area just west of the airstrip hangars just before the 1st air sock.


Caution: Wasp nest in the ground alongside river trail

Osa Thatcher would like to pass on the message that there is a wasp nest in the ground alongside the Kaslo River Trail South located downstream of the outhouse, between where the trail re-enters the forest and the first bench before the trail starts to descend.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Trail work party Tuesday July 3 9am-noon

This Tuesday July 3 from 9am to noon we will be building a section of elevated boardwalk over a wet area in what we call the "Horsetail area" of Kaslo River Trail North. Its located just upstream of the old pump station where the trail splits into an upper trail and a lower trail.
We will meet at 9am at the Kaslo River North Trailhead kiosk at the end of Higashi Way. For tools, wear gloves, bring a heavier hammer for driving spikes if you have one, a grub hoe or polaski if you have one but we will provide several of the necessary tools.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Work party postponed due to rain

The work party this morning is postponed until Wednesday June 27….same time and meeting place. The bush is going to be just too wet today.
Hope to see you then.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Work party Monday June 25 8:30am

Our next work party will be Monday June 25 to work on the KORTS section of the Kaslo Wagon Road Trail from Retallack to Fish Lake. We will be brushing, clearing high limbs, working on wet areas, etc. For tools…..brush clippers, high limb cutters if you have one. We will have a chain saw and brush saw along to clear major brush and fallen/leaning shrubs and trees, and if necessary, polanski and other trail tools. Cindy from Retallack will be along to help us clear and brush appropriately for the toad migration area near Fish Lake.

Meet at 8:30am for car pooling, at the Hwy 31A pull-off (New Denver hwy) just west of the Kaslo 4 way stop at the Kaslo Community Garden.

Cheers, and Happy Trails

Friday, June 8, 2018

KIDS to Camp

Below  is an application form for 2018 financial help for school age kids to attend any camp in Kaslo or Area D, including the KORTS sponsored Bike Camp, who have not accessed funds from the regional district for the applied camp. The program is for school age children (Kaslo and Area D permanent resident…..proof may be required).  One camp per applicant and paid to the camp only. The camp financial assistance program is for families who may not be able to provide the camp experience for their campers. No financial records are required at this time.

Please mail the application to Leanne Blancher PO Box 937 Kaslo BC V0G 1M0 or email to
                      KORTS Kids to Camp application