Unity Bridge Plaque Locations

To protect privacy, the plaque sponsor is not shown unless their name appears on the plaque.

Plaques are sorted according to names or keywords that appear on the plaque in order of engraved last name, engraved first name or, if no names are on the plaque, the first words of the message. You can also use Ctrl-F (Windows) or ⌘-F (Mac) in your browser to search for a word that you know is on your plaque.

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Unity Bridge Post Plaques

Location = Side - Post
Side = East (E) or West (W)
Post = Post # from the North end

e.g. W3 = 3rd post from the North end, West side

Locations are relative to the North end of the Unity Bridge.

P9HonkanenFor our grandchildren & Future generations Roy & Leah Honkanen
P3jB & sLInhale, deeply. You could come again and linger...longer to share with us Kaslo's Forest Bath. We hope you will. JB & sL 2015W6
P7Kaslo AutomotiveKaslo AutomotiveE6
P8Kaslo VolunteersKaslo Volunteers Create a Caring CommunityW5
P10keji & brewsterIn loving memory of keji & brewsterE4
P6Lily-BatIn memory of Lily-Bat ~ Chiropterean Ambassador ~ She touched the hearts of all who met herW8
P4LoreneThanks to the Kaslo Trailblazers!!! Lorene and AlexE8
P14LynchKiara Lynch Live in the Koots TeamW9
P12Rapid SpanRapid Span Proud to Support This BridgeE9
P13Rapid SpanRapid Span Proud to Support This BridgeOLD BRIDGE (E7)
P1WalkerMr. Hugh Walker has left an indelible footprint on the community of Kaslo. What better way to celebrate his ninetieth birthday than to acknowledge that amazing footprint on this fine bridge? Love, your granddaughters Dianne, Denise, and DannielleW7
P11WeintzIn Honour of All Dedicated Volunteers Gary & Yvonne Weintz & FamilyW4
P5WhittakerThe Whittaker FamilyE7
P2WildeIf you are not too long, I will wait for you all my life. Oscar WildeE5

Unity Bridge Railing Plaques

Location = Bay - Side - Plaque
Bay = Post # before the plaque
Side = East (E) or West (W)
Plaque = position in the Bay

e.g. 3W1 = 3rd bay from the North end, West side, 1st plaque
e.g. 6E3.5 = 6th bay from the North end, East side, the 7th'ish plaque

".5" plaque positions reflect that we've had to start squeezing plaques in between other plaques to fit them all on!

Locations are relative to the North end of the Unity Bridge.

145AbbeyIn Memory of Dave and Eve Abbey5E4
256Absent FriendsAbsent Friends2W2.5
38Ainsworth ResortAinsworth Resort Hot Springs Ltd www.hotnaturally.com9W3
86Ainsworth ResortAinsworth Resort Hot Springs Ltd www.hotnaturally.com7E6
243AllanIn Loving Memory of Bill & Mary Allan Terry & Judy2E1.5
281AndreoneAndre Domenic Andreone L.A. And Kaslo3W3.5
111AndrewsJoan Andrews Held Lovingly in the Memories of Her Family and Friends Coombs, BC4W3
252ArnoldThe West Kootenays Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends Ed and Marj Arnold Cranbrook BC 20154E1.5
237AschmannBill Aschmann Switzerland12W8
62AtagiKiyomatsu & Kané Atagi Yute & Ruth Gene & Dana6W2
31AxenrothTom Axenroth 1947 - 2009 - An Extraordinary Man Who Led A Life Filled With All Things He Loved - Always In Our Hearts, The Ferncases8W5
284BabaJoshua, Lindsay, Luke Maia, Breannae, Antheni With Love, Baba3W4.5
83BanmanIn Memory of Silvie John, Carmen & Sharada Banman Bonnyville, AB7E2
84BanmanIn Memory of Henry & Susie Banman 1964 - 1979 Musicland Theater 1963 - 1979 Susie's Variety Store7E4
180Barney & LorraineCrossing on our Bridge Like bubbles down this River Always coming Back Barney G. & Lorraine S.2W5
14Barschell - FraryKyla & Jack Barschell - Frary9W2
133BathJohn Bath 1922 - 2002 Hanno Klassen 1920 - 2004 The Submariner and the Pacifist10E2
128BecKitThis is It BecKit10W9
137BeddowIn Loving Memory of Our Daughter Tannis Mavis Beddow4W8
117BedwellBert & Filby Bedwell Family Kaslo 1949 - 1958 Bert Known for Building Argenta - Johnson's Landing Road - 195311E1
53Beley - DakinCelebrating Family Beley - Dakin Reunion 20095W3
75BellafioreVincent & Lois Bellafiore Family Unionville, Pennsylvania6E5
268BirdThomas Christopher Bird 1926 - 2015 St Etienne de Bolton Quebec Come Over the Hills and Far With Me2E6.5
123Boards By GeorgeBoards By George Meadow Creek, BC4W4
214BolandDave & Jean Boland David & Mandi Grace & Lucas Procknow Brodie & Jodi Caleb Boland Kaslo, B.C. - The Place To Be11W5
5BorleyBorley Family Ben, Darlene, Dalouie, Sandy, Abby, Mitch8E3
158Boswell Hiking ClubJust Be.... In Nature Boswell Hiking Club1E1
223BramsonLisa Bramson and Gusti Callis Nelson North Shore12E6
20BuchananIn Memory of John Buchanan7W7
36ButtKen, Donna & Romel Butt8E10
244CannIn Loving Memory of Our Daughter Tricia The Cann Family1E6.5
26CathroReed Cathro8W1
27CathroZack Cathro8W2
131CattermoleMahalia Cattermole Oct 7 1979 - Apr 8 2008 Your Spirit & Light Will Always Guide Us Cattermole, Halleran & Walsh Families10E1
132CattermoleWith Us In Spirit Frederick & Isabel Cattermole of Keremeos BC Alf & Pat4W7
122CaywoodIn Memory of Valerie Caywood She Loved To Laugh10W5
184ChoquetteJim & Linda Choquette Life.... We Love It Here2W2
155ClappThe Clapp Family1E2.5
149ClareJohn Clare Dec. 24, 1944 - Dec. 23, 2011 Music Was My First LoveOLD BRIDGE
150ClareJason Clare Nov. 11, 1974 - June 27, 1989 Don't Worry, Be HappyOLD BRIDGE
267Community ChiropracticCommunity Chiropractic Dr. Kevin MacKenzie Kaslo Enticed Me To The Kootenays Now Serving Residents For 20 Years2E5.5
183CookJennifer Cook Kootenay Columbia Financial Manulife Financial Spring 20132W3
35CooperIn Loving Memory of Charles Cynthia Cooper & Family9W4
80CrosthwaiteThe Crosthwaite Family Bob, Gerda, Ian & Kerstin6E9
63DallynIn Loving Memory of Stewart Dallyn Margaret Dallyn & Family6W7
139DalmynCongratulations Kaslo on Turning A Dream Into A Legacy Joyce Dalmyn & Joe Masi Portage La Prairie, Manitoba4W10
191DaudrichDerek, Kerstin, Evan & Sumi Daudrich3E1
118DavenportPeter & Fanny Davenport London, U.K. St John's Newfoundland Kaslo - A Great Community10W1
212DavidDavie Family, Kaslo, BC11W3
224DawsonAnnie & Terena Dawson Nature Needs Time Tyler Jack & Geri Rinkel12E7
22De CalvaresMarco & Theresa De Calvares, Manfred & Hendrik Marco R. & Jodi De Calvares & Sierra3W1
119DeBruinThe DeBruin Family Chester & Lyvonne Givonne & Elodieanne10W2
28DecurnexMick & Doris Decurnex Yannic, Stephanie, Cecile, Lauren, Jeremy, Naela8E2
173DeForestRon DeForest X Cow Puncher Kaslo2E3.5
164DeNaultMichael Denault & Jody Sawchuk Geneviève Patrick Gilles Calgary1E6
165DeNaultJohn Mueller & Susanne DeNault Mueller Rochelle Matthew Calgary1W4
166DeNaultRoss Crooks & Ginette DeNault Elodie Maxime Calgary1W4.5
167DeNaultRoger & Lisa DeNault Alexandra Claire Calgary1W6
216DePapeCharles & Louise DePape and Skipper11W7
77DozoisMarjorie Dozois Kaslo, BC God's Country6E7
140EcklandJohn & Susan Eckland5E1
92EdwardsAlbert & Irene Edwards In Honor of our 60th Wedding Anniversary July 8, 20105E10
78ElaineFor My Granddaughters Kelsey, Madeline & Sophia Grandma Elaine6W3
66ElaineFor My Grandsons Benton, Spencer, Jordan & Lucas Grandma Elaine6W4
283ElliottJim & Kaye Elliott Thank You Trailblazers!3W5.5
213EnnsBlair, Colette, Isaac, Hannah, Avery and Julian Enns11W4
163EversFor Don & Pauline Evers Here Together Our Best Summers Ever1E7
226FACHFACH 1971 - 1978 I miss you Dad7E8
54FalleIan Falle5W4
55FalleSheila Falle5W5
68FernFern - Jackie Patty - Sherry6W9
45FernsGood Walks, Good Talks Don & Vel Ferns Saanichton, BC10E8
246For All the DogsFor All The Dogs Past, Present and Future Who Have Walked This TrailLOW 1W2
249Franz & MartinaNature Does Not Hurry Yet Everything is Accomplished Franz & Martina Kaslo1W2.5
34FraryLindsay, Heather & Christopher Frary9W1
95FrouwsMauritz, Jannemé, Cesca & Shanika Frouws3W8
159FrouwsFamilies of Frouws & Van Der Walt South Africa1W3
17GaalRobert & Beverley Gaal7W3
33GarnettThe Garnett Family Mary & Gerald, Jody, Julia & Camilla8W7
146GarnettThe Garnett Family Mary & Gerald, Jody, Julia & Camilla5E5
182GarnettRobin Garnett Tasmania, Australia11E4
206GarnettBuilding Bridges - The Goal of Life Stephen Garnett Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia11E9
177GarrettLinda & Gil Garrett, Vernon, BC2E7
198GarrettIn Memory of Bud Garrett 1935 - 20133E3
199GarrettIn Memory of Gordon Garrett 1957 - 19973W6
264GarrettIn Loving memory of Kaslo Pioneers Clarence and Gertie Garrett 1898 - 1984 1904 - 19942W7.5
157GaskellThe Gaskell Family of Kaslo BC2E3
265GeddesIn Loving Memory Of Jim & Theresa Geddes and Anna Marie Geddes - Leblanc the Geddes Family - Calgary2W10.5
234Geoff, KathleenGeoff Kathleen Kaitlin Meghan Jake Richmond, BC12W5
266Gibson - ThompsonKatie Ryan Mary Sophia Lee GG Al Hamish Callum Lena MacD Dave Di Eva Torin Jovis Gibson - Thompson2E7.5
190GilbertIn Memory of Bernice Gilbert From Her Walking Friends2W6
205GilbertIn Memory of Bernice Gilbert Chef Extraordinaire From Her Potluck Club Friends11E8
101GilchristCarol Gilchrist New Westminster, B.C.4E2
263GilkerIn Loving memory of Bob and Anne Gilker 1911 - 1994 1917 - 2010 Robert, Janice Gary and Colleen2W6.5
130GloriosoGlorioso, Moss & Assocs Strategic Planning Consultants4W6
288GrantIn Memory of Tammy Grant Kaslo Search and Rescue4E3.5
58GrayThe Gray Family Bedford, Nova Scotia Fans of the Outdoors5W8
231GrayAnne Gray & Tim Ryan12W2
270GreenRemembering Howard (1895) and Lewis (1925) Green Bros. Store from the Green Family11W10
162GriffinJohn Griffin West Kootenays - Always Part of My Soul Calgary, Alberta1W7
93Gwen & HughGwen & Hugh From Abbey Manor5W1
202H.B O.VH.B. O.V. 07 - 29 - 201411E5
151HalleranCole Halleran Aug. 30, 1991 - Feb. 25, 2000 Always In Our Hearts5E8
195HaydenThe Hayden Family Douglas & Kim, Alexander, Dexter & Maxine Calgary, AB3E4.5
196HaydenMelanie Joan Hayden Calgary, AB3E4
70Henry & LindaHenry & Linda You Drive Me Crazy6E1
116HessWilli & Gudrun Hess Frankfurt, Germany9W9
72HewatRon & Colleen Hewat & Family6E3
61HigashiBuck & Aya Higashi No Place Like Kaslo6W1
124HobdenMarianne & Allan Hobden10W6
153HollandsThe Hollands Jimi, Jacy, Cloe, Jasper Save the World Build A Bridge10E10
69HonkanenRoy & Leah Honkanen One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)6W10
1HuntBryan, Karina, Melaine, Naia & Lucian Hunt3W2
2HuntScott, Justine, Hana, Alexander & Parker Hunt8E1
23Hunt“Riley” Best ATV & Hiking Pal from Louise Hunt7W6
174HuntNorman & Joyce Hunt Don & Louise Hunt2E10
156HyrveCeline Wozniak Remembered Forever Winnie and Arnold Hyrve High River, Alberta1E2
251Ian & SheilaIan and Sheila Kaslo Thanks Trailblazers For Making A Great Place Better2E2.2
200It's Your Turn...It's Your Turn...3W5
112JacksonIn Loving Memory of Paul and Louise Jackson Crescent Beach, BC9E10
169JetteHappiness is not the road to anything. It is the road. Dave Jette - Seattle/Metaline Falls11E2
170JetteThe Jette Family Leo and Barbara and the Kids: Dave, Susan and Michael Grandson:Tyler Nashua, NH11E3
232JohnKeep Peace In Your Soul Peter & Janet John12W3
262JohnsonBobbi Johnson | Cross with pride9W10
218Jones Boys BoatsJones Boys Boats11W9
90JordanCarlos & Cathy Jordan Beach Gables10W10
3JVH GradsJVH Grads 20087E10
4JVH GradsJVH Grads 20087W10
79JVH StaffJV Humphries Staff6E8
37Kaslo Buidling SuppliesKaslo Building Supplies9E8
141Kaslo Housing SocietyKaslo Housing Society 20115E2
189Kaslo Legion #74Kaslo Legion #742W8
9Kaslo MotelKaslo Motel8E6
172Kaslo QuiltersKaslo Quilters2E2
285Kaslo RunnersKaslo Runners|In loving memory of Bernice Gilbert|a decicated runner3W8.5
106Keji & BrewsterKeji & Brewster Wish You Were Here3W3
97KirklandKaslo “The Gem of the Kootenays” Gerald & Eldine Kirkland3W10
143Kitty & KerryKitty & Kerry Love Kaslo Thank You Trailblazers5E3
21KleebaumKleebaum Family7W5
57KleebaumThe W. Kleebaum Family 2 Quaker Brook New Brunswick Hikers and Skiers5W7
259Kniesel, Palmer, NeelandsLov'n The Kootenays Kniesel, Palmer, Neelands and Family2W5.5
48KobesRandy, Jonathan, Lianne, Sarah, Emilie & Lise Kobes Winnipeg, MAN9E7
10KoenigThe Koenigs Val & Carol Rhona & Mari8E7
11KoenigOur Great Grandchildren Kenton, Jackob, Jeremiah & Bo Avery Val & Carol Koenig6E4
87KoenigMyla Bee Ryder Born 4 July, 2009 Petaluma, California7E7
88KoenigLola Valentine Ryder Born 7 May, 2009 Brisbane, Queensland7E3
245Kooterra PotteryKooterra Pottery Karel Peeters1W5.5
152KosiancicRay Kosiancic In Memory of Ida Lady Bug1E5
136KrivyMark & Pavlina Krivy Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Kaslo, Canada10E4
47Ladies Who LunchThe Ladies Who Lunch P.A., J.B., P.C., P.F., A.P.G., A.G., L.H., C.K., P.P., E.R., B.R., L.S., A.T., & M.L.T.9E8
25LangIn Memory of Loved Ones The Lang Family7W9
18LarsLars, Zo&#235 and Jonah7W4
135LarsenIn Loving Memory of Our Brother Noble Henry Larsen Jens & TrudyOLD BRIDGE
197LeathwoodAlison and Geoffrey Leathwood and Liz Ross3E3.5
120LeblancIn Honour of Bert & Marcelle Leblanc Much Loved Grandparents of Chloe, Gabrielle, Kate, Alda & Zane10W3
276LeederWolfgang & Cornelia Leeder Darmstadt , Germany  A Bridge Gives Access To Opposite Shores3W1.5
277LentschDenyse Lentsch | Rina Lentsch | Strathmore AB 2W2.5
19LeoLeo ♡ Amy11E6
175Letty & HansLetty & Hans Seasonal Residents Mirror Lake Great To Be Here The Hague, Netherlands2E9
142LipscombeThe Lipscombe Family Nelson BC Enjoying the OutdoorsOLD BRIDGE
222LittleRIP Johnny Little12E5
110LucilleFriends of Lucille4W2
220LynchIn Memory of Martin & Jane Lynch12E3
209MacNabIn Memory of Steve MacNab12E2
102MacPhersonRon MacPherson Coquitlam BC4E3
30MaddisonIn Memory of Detlef Maddison Edmonton, AB8W4
148Mako & KootenayLove the Trail Mako & Kootenay Grande Prairie, AB5E7
272MakortoffLarry Andrea Nick Makortoff Jacob and Richelle Parker2E8.5
91MannLloyd & Lou Mann Medicine Hat, AB5E9
254Marilyn & AmyFor Marilyn & Amy the Cat L.Y.M.Y.B. Peter, Kimberly & Jacqueline Rossland, BC1W6.5
236Marilyn & EricMarilyn & Eric12W7
235MarshallPickled Thistle Terry and Janet Marshall Kaslo, BC12W6
82MaternThe Materns Calgary AB7E1
261McBrideIn Memory of Deedee McBride2W9.5
73McIntyrePer Ardua Zoe & Richard McIntyre10E5
29McLellanGordon & Gail McLellan8W3
46MegliMarlene & Harvey Megli Vernon BC9E9
96MessingThe Messing Family Calgary, AB July 31/103W9
253MessingThe Creation Of A Thousand Forests Is In One Acorn - Ralph Waldo Emerson Sean, Debbie, Brianne, Jenay Messing4E2.5
187MethuenRemembering Dee-Dee Smith The Methuen & Androschuk Families2W10
171MilesFrank V. Miles: Witness to the Peaceful Resolution of Conflict3E2.5
192MilesFrank Miles: A Source of Light and Wisdom with a Ready Ear for Listening3E1.5
193MilesFrank Vernon Miles: September 16, 1923 to December 25, 2013 He Loved the Beauty of This Place3E5.5
207MinetteThe Minette Family Henri, Susan, Annie, and Vivie Hawaii Minnesota11E10
99MoonA Bridge Over Troubled Water Eric Moon4E5
6MuellerLisanne & Martin Mueller8E4
240MurphyMack (Tyke) Murphy Born Sept 8 1937 - Kaslo Died Aug 6 19961E3.5
241MurphyMary-Ann Murphy-Boyd RN - BS - MA Born Nov 29 1938 - Kaslo Died May 21 19911E3
125NadwidnyNadwidny Family10W7
274Nature At Its BestNature at Its Best2E10.5
161NaylorNaylor David & Marie & Pippa Kaslo1W1
16NKLAHCNKLAHC Salon of the Arts 20097W2
71O'KeefeKate O'Keefe & Harvey Armstrong6E2
208OsmondFor Beautiful Walks & Amiable Talks Rob Osmond Squamish BC12E1
233PalmerIn Loving Memory of Dick & Shirley Palmer Nelson, BC12W4
219Pat & PhyllisPat & Phyllis Rick & Carole12E3.5
94PatienceWelcome to Paradise The Patience Family3W7
204PeacockEnjoy the Great Outdoors. Care for the World and For Each Other. Peacock Family Rossland/Ainsworth BC11E7
98PeggyPeggy's Granddaughters Sophie - Switzerland Coco - Vancouver BC4E1
160PeggyPeggy's Grandson Bill - Switzerland1W2
273Penners & HeardsThe Penners & The Heards|Kai, Rowan, Sarah, Darren Anne, Stu Walk On!3W10.5
188Perdue GeotechnicalPerdue Geotechnical Services Ltd. Nelson BC2W9
104PetersenFrisky Farms Don & Maryanne Petersen Red Deer, Alberta4E7
8PidcockDirk & Karen Pidcock8E5
32PorterRon & Ruth Porter8W6
76PorterDoug & Denise Porter6E6
107PriscillaPriscilla Miss Pretty Sprite Jam Asker Joey Baudouin Willy Coralee Nancy OXOXOXOXOX AB, Canada4E9
250Puerstl-KocherFranz & Loisi Puerstl-Kocher Lois & Lisi Mirocha Werfen / Schladming, Austria1W1.5
186ReidThe Reid Family Gary, Amanda, Samantha, Thomas Ohope Beach, New Zealand2W1
67RichardsonBarry & Vicky Richardson6W8
228Rick & GerryRick and Gerry Fletcher Creek12W1
242Rolls & DallynIn loving memory of Joan Rolls and Stewart Dallyn Bill and Margaret1E4.5
280Rolls & DallynIn loving memory of Joan Rolls and Stewart Dallyn Bill and MargaretOLD BRIDGE (7E4)
108RosenbeckTo Life, Friends & Nature Pure Joy! Rick Allan & Jennifer Rosenbeck White Rock, BC4E10
194Sadie & DaisyRemembering Our Girls Sadie & Daisy Forever In Our Hearts3E5
39SamCheck Sam We Love Because God First Loved Us Canmore AB9E1
40SamVeronica Sam, My Beloved Wife9E2
41SamEugene Sam, My One and Only Beloved Son9E3
42SamAndrea Sam, My One and Only Beloved Daughter9E4
52SamoyloveIn Memory of Andy Samoylove5W2
238SatherLove Bridges the Gap Between Us Norm & Sonja Sather Kaslo12W9
127SatterlyTom & Sheila Satterly, Kaslo BC / Dillon Montana10W8
225Sean, Danielle Sean, Danielle & Ava-Lynn Kaslo, B.C.12E8
43SeefeldtThe Seefeldt Family Nils, Dan & Matt9E5
65SelentBert & Jeannett Selent & Family Crossfield, AB6W6
210SemenoffFamily & Friendship Reunion 2014 Families of Alex & Annie Semenoff Fofonoff - Plotnikoff Semenoff - Demosky11W1
85Shad & AimeeShad, Aimee, Fynnigan, Meisha & Shadow Kaslo BC7E5
248SharpeThe Sharpe Family England1W3.5
221Shutty Bench BoysThe Shutty Bench Boys Mako, Kootenay and Rungius12E4
115SicotteIn Loving Memory of Don The Sicotte Family9W8
7Silver SpoonThe Silver Spoon Bakery Café10E6
181SinclairIn the Shadow of God's Wings Psalm 91 Geoffrey & Stuart Sinclair Our Golden Haired Boys2W4
12SlobodianKaslo Mohawk Darcy Magega8E8
13SlobodianKaslo Mohawk Darryl Slobodian8E9
258SmitKim & Fen Smit2W4.5
126Soda SpringsSoda Springs10E9
260SoleilIn loving memory of Soleil Carolyn, Craig, Madoma, Bela and Rosie2W8.5
113SondershausenThe Divine Matrix Surrounds You Too Inge & Joachim Sondershausen Saskatoon, Sask9W6
105Stan & SandyStan, Sandy & Tammy Calgary, Alta4E8
201SteffenMartin & Hedy Steffen CH-Lyss Swiss Greetings to Val & Carol3W4
147StickelLove is Eternal Charlie & Mary Stickel5E6
215StickelFollow the Rainbow to Kaslo Patty Stickel-Brodie - Ontario Shelley Stickel-Miles - Tokyo Japan11W6
15Stickel-MilesBlessings on your path Stickel-Miles Family7W1
144Suki & PaulSuki & Paul Oct 2011 - 20th Anniversary Celebration Sunnyside YYC, ABOLD BRIDGE
74SummerCarole Summer & Chris Webster3E2
255Susan & NyleKaslo Home sweet Home Susan and Nyle2W1.5
103SwartzJim & Darlene Swartz Vauxhall, Alberta4E4
247TateIn Loving Memory of our Parents Bruce and Betty Tate Long Time Residents of Kaslo Dave, Rob, Steve & Jeanie1W5
64TerefenkoMark & Patty Terefenko6W5
227Terry, CarolineTerry, Caroline & Christopher12E9
211This Plaque is This Plaque is Dedicated to All My Family Near and Far. You Are Forever in My Thoughts11W2
121ThompsonWhat is an Adventure Without a U-Turn Ruth Thompson Vernon, B.C.10W4
239ThomsonIt's not how many breaths you take, but how many times your breath is taken away. In loving memory of Kay and Don Thomson Bruce, Rick, & Rob - Nelson BC1E1.5
287TinkessIn honour of Ruth & James Tinkess - Kaslo Pioneers - on their 90th Birthday Your Friends1E5.5
217ToddHey, What's Happening? Dennis Francis Todd Oct. 10, 1948 - June 5, 2015 Missing A Good Friend11W8
109TubblesTubbles...... Always In Our Hearts4W1
154UschiUschi 1941 - 2009 Forever With Us1E4
81VallieLeonard & Ellen Vallie Beaver Falls, BC6E10
176Van DeursenThe Van Deursen Family Paul, Lynn, Tom, Derek Kaslo, BC2E8
134Van RykCarol and Cornell Van Ryk10E3
179WagersPeace - Serenity - Beauty Richard Wagers Innisfail, AB2E5
257WalkerBen Walker Always In Your Thoughts2W3.5
100WarfieldThe Warfield Family4E6
44WatsonIn Memory of Margaret Watson Blessed Are Those Who Knew Her9E6
56WatsonBob, Claire & Felicity Watson Grimston, Leicestershire, England5W6
24Wednesday WalkersThe Wednesday Walkers7W8
269WhiteWith Fond Memories Of Dorothy Mae (Ralph) Wolfe 1921 - 2011 Kaslo & Mirror Lake Paul Edwin Wolfe 1916 - 2014 Kaslo & Nakusp Donated by Clark & Alice White & Poco Fruitvale & Mirror LakeOLD BRIDGE (7E6)
49WhiteheadStephanie Whitehead8W10
50WhiteheadIain Whitehead8W9
51WhiteheadAlastair Whitehead8W8
282WhittakerMargaret Whittaker3W6.5
178WiebePaul & Julie Wiebe Take the Time to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature Beiseker, AB2E6
60WillmsEd & Linda Willms, Bill Hayward, Michelle Grondin5W10
129Willow Home GalleryWillow Home Gallery The Whitney-Blanches & Sweet Selene4W5
229WilsonGeorge & Sharon Wilson & Family2E4
230WilsonAndrea, Mark & Family Sean, Jill & Ryan2E4.5
89WiltonDianne and Paul Wilton Woodbury Village - 20107E9
168Wing Creek ResortWing Creek Resort2E1
138WinnitoyThe Winnitoys Kootenay Kooky Paradise4W9
59WintersMaggie Winters & Steve Crew5W9
286Women Who RunWomen Who Run For Fun With Thanks To All Trail| Crews of the Kaslo Trailblazers3W9.5
275Your Arts DesireYour Arts Desire2E9.5
185ZierathDr. Siegried Zierath Chiropractor2W7