Thursday, November 21, 2019

KORTS work party Thursday Nov 21 9am-noon

With winter on its way in, and autumn on its way out, its time to fill the Kaslo River Trails salted gravel barrels to be ready for icy trail conditions. This means carrying partially filled buckets and/or wheelbarrows with salted gravel courtesy YRB, along the trails to the gravel barrels situated (usually) at the bottom and top of steeper slopes along the trail. It can be quite gruelling work but winter trail users sure appreciate the effort!

For tools: gloves, and if you have them……a spade for filling buckets, a metal wheelbarrow, and sturdy good condition 5 gallon bucket(s). KORTS will also supply these except for gloves.

Meeting Location: at the YRB yard. Follow 4St to Birch Ave at the top of the hill leading south out of Kaslo.